[BPP24] The Legend of Black Belt Moon Daiwon
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     In the final play-off of Pan-America martial art championship in 1965, Moon snatches the medal in the extended round, winning the championship three years in a row.   Later, Castellon visits and invites Moon to Mexico.   His disciples, trained at the Taekwondo training center, Mooduckwan, sweep the medals in the Pan-Mexico championship, and Moon deals a severe blow to those who boast Kungfu.  These series of news attract more and more students to join the training center. 

     Mexico’s delegates leave for South Korea to attend the first World Taekwondo Championship.   Faced with the first overseas competition, most of the athletes are cowed and overcome; Moon gives them a two-thums-up encouragement.  With that, Mexico wins the third place, attracting the attention of the other countries.

      Moon gets a phone call from Master Lee from the U.S, who asks Moon to join him in his plan to go to train Muhammad Ali who plans to have a match with Japanese Younoki.   Ali wins a championship with the help of the two masters.   Moon visits South Korea with Ali after the latter’s match in Japan.   Ali received a warm welcome there with a great-fanfare celebration, in which Moon comes to pay a special attention to a woman (Hanhee), who is playing the Kayageum.

      One day, Castellon comes to him to suggest that he break with Moon.   As the Mooduckwan prospers, attracting more and more students, Castellon betrays Moon to tighten his power grip by running his own training centers.

      A three-time consecutive winner of the Pan-America Championship, Moon beats the tradition of Karate by teaching Taekwondo to Mexicans.   Many Mexicans understand the true spirit of Taekwondo and begin to learn it.   However, as Moon gains more ground, more attacks and heinous betrayals follow, making Moon feel the pain of living in a foreign land.     

      The time of betrayal arrives.   Moon wonders if he continues to fight or comes back to his homeland.   Is Moon’s extraordinary Taekwondo magic that has swept the U.S. powerful enough to work in Mexico, too?

      Mexicans see the magic unfolding in Beijing in 2008.  Maria and Giermo respectively brought a gold medal to their country in Taekwondo in the Olympic Games.   At those moments of seeing the magic happening, most Mexicans remembered that behind those gold medals lie strenuous efforts of keeping Taekwondo afloat for 40 years by Master Moon.

      Master Moon has taught Taekwondo for 40 years in a country that has seen no such martial art, and gave birth to more than 40,000 disciples in 8 steps, thus becoming a Mexican hero.  Loving Mexico more than Mexicans do, Moon is a true grand maestro of this age who breathes and sweats along with his disciples, turning Mexico into a Taekwon-strong nation.  His name is Moon Daiwon.

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