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This 329-page book written by Grandmaster Woojin Jung is a must-have for school owners, instructors and students with a dream. Not only a helpful guide for new students to find the best instructor possible, this book is also a guide for new and established instructors and school owners on how to successfully manage and maintain a martial arts business. Endorsed by prominent martial artists from around the world and from many different styles, Grandmaster Woojin Jung’s book is a testament to his dedication to the martial arts and his business know-how. With more than 150 photos, Best Instructor + Best School = Best Life! will help the student, the instructor and the school owner find and run the business of their dreams.

Part 1: Best Instructor

Help Students Realize Their Dreams

Applause Changes People

Balance and Order

Awaken the Sleeping Spirit!

Motivation: Secret to Success

Instructor with the Most Students

A Good Instructor: A Good Psychologist

An Instructor is a Maestro

Training, Endorphins and the Atomic Bomb!

Instill Moral Values

Noble Ties of Friendship

Do Not Cross the Line

Ties That Bind

One Strike and You Could Be Out!

Don't Lose Your Aura

Always Be Righteous

Part 2: Best School

What Makes an Outstanding School?

Lessons from Other Dojangs

A Dojang Transcends Time & Renews Values

Curriculum: Climb Two Mountains

Martial Arts Marketing: The Pioneering Days

Telemarketing Tug-of-War

Towards the Final High Ground

Telephone Marketing: Don't Make This Mistake

Dojang Management: No Perfect Rules

When Students Slip Out the Back Door

Accentuate the Positive; Eliminate the Negative

Free Classes Produce More Paying Students

Every Student is a Marketing Agent

Key Strategy: Keep on Target!

Profit is a Poor Incentive

No Investment Marketing: Fabulous and Friendly

Lobby Marketing

Seeing Students through Dollar-Eyes

The Train Goes On, Even if a Dog Barks at It

Martial Arts is Not a Commodity!

Part 3: Best Life

Dreams and Hopes for Martial Arts

My Journey in the Land of TaeKwonDo

Union of TaeKwonDo on the Korean Peninsula

Uniting the World through Martial Arts

My Uniform Will Be My Funeral Dress

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