[B021] Martial Meditation: Philosphy and the Essence of the Martial Arts
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This textbook examines the essence, distinctions and dynamics between art, sport, martial arts and martial sports and their historic and philosophical perspectives.

By Daeshik Kim and Allan Back

379 pages

Table of Contents

Introduction: Methodological Considerations

-East Versus West

-Talk Versus Action

-Faith Versus Reason

I. The Nature of Martial Arts

Chapter 1: A Short History of the Eastern Martial Arts


-Development of Different Styles

Chapter 2: The Martial Arts Today

-Contemporary Practices in the Martial Arts

-The Current Variety of the Martial Arts

-Rank Systems

Chapter 3: What is a Martial Art?

-Do and Jutsu

-Martial Art and Sport

-Martial Art and Art

-The Nature of Martial Art


Chapter 4: Forms

-A Survey of Formal Exercise and Drills

-What is a Form

-The Purpose of Forms

-Evaluation of Forms


Chapter 5: Sparring

-Types of Sparring

-The Goals of Sparring

-Deficiencies of Sparring

-Sparring Well


II. The Spirit of the Martial Arts

Chapter 6: The Martial Arts and Moral Character

-Experimental Evidence

-A Model for Character Development in the Martial Arts

-Developing a Moral Character through Martial Arts Training

-Virtuous Progress in the Martial Arts

Chapter 7: Violence and the Martial Arts

-Fighting and Violence

-Mushin and Moral Responsibility

-Pacifism and the Martial Arts

-A Martial Art as Moral Calling

Chapter 8: Force

-Experimental Results

-Magical Results


-The Decisive Moment: Kairos

Chapter 9: Zen Buddhism and the Martial Arts

-An Escape from Descartes?

-Intuitive Knowledge

-Practical Wisdom

-Stages of Development in the Martial Arts


Chapter 10: The Simplicity of the Martial Arts

-The Concept of Simplicity

-Simplicity and the Martial Arts

-The Worth of a Single Martial Art

-A "Do" without forms

-Practical Applications

III. The Martial Arts Today

Chapter 11: Mastery of a Martial Art

-The Levels of Martial Art

-The Master

-Becoming a Master of a Martial Art

-Particular Activity

-Justification of a Way of Life

Chapter 12: The Future of the Eastern Martial Arts

-Current Trends in the Martial Arts

-The Individuation of the Martial Arts

-Electicism and the Unity of a Martial Art

-From Jutsu to "Do" Sport

-Drawbacks of Martial Art Sport

-What Should the Martial Arts Become?

-The Way of the Martial Artist and Progress in the Martial Arts



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