September 2018


Responsibility of Power- The Trials and Tribulations of Jose Torres;  A driving force in the world Tang Soo Do community discusses his life and the lessons learned

Making History– A review of the events that make history happen in the Korean peninsula


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Brenda Sell- Foundations of Tae Kwon Do- Punch

Porter Dodge- Jim Arvanitis: The Evolution of Pankration’s Renaissance Man

John jong Choi, Joon-Young Hong, Dr. Billy Turner- Tae Kwon Do comes to the United States: Then and Now (Part Two)

Karthrin Sumpter- Another story of Healing, Remission and Wellness through Martial Arts

David Stainko- The history of the belt in martial arts (Grading and Ranking)

Kristy Hitchens- Why taking up Tae Kwon Do in my 40’s was the best thing ever!

Paul Johnstone- The way of the Hand and Foot in a War-Torn Land: A personal story of Tae Kwon Do in Afghanistan

Joel Kupfersmid- Escapes from the Front Choke in Self-Defense

Fernan Vargas- The Scout Staff

Sue Whitfield- Unbreakable Spirit

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