March 2018


GM Robert Sledge and Martial Arts America:  Continuing the Tae Kwon Do Tradition

Grandmaster Robert Sledge takes the reins of Martial Arts America and continues its traditional instruction


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Greg Brundage- Silk Road TKD Quest VIII

Robert Cutrell- Coffman’s Martial Arts Academy: “Stretching the Limits” in Illinois!

Susan O’Connor- Yoga for the Martial Artist

Erica Linthorst- TKD Tournament World: Avalanche of Changes

Michael De Abla- The Practice and Study of Martial Arts Forms (Part One)

Kathrin J. Sumpter- Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima Basic Concepts (Part One)

Todd miller- Interview with Grandmaster Lim Chae-Kwan

Gayle Jones- Pursuit of My Black Belt

Steve Ronai- Tae Kwon Do Supervillain

Dario Arnese- Are You a Good Instructor?

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