Issue #237 – September 2020 (Digital & Print)


COVER – Gen. Choi Hong Hi, our Taekwon-Do Mother, our Taekwon-
Do Father, indeed our Eternal Master! by Grandmaster Leong Wai Meng

GM Leong Wai Meng describes his understanding of Taekwon-
Do and his training through General Choi Hong Hi. GM

Meng also provides examples of how General Choi taught his
philosophy and anecdotes of memories with General Choi.

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Different Types of Strikes Using the Hands: Hands asĀ Deadly Weapons by Masoud Hayeri Khyavi
Discusses the difference between the terms strike and collision. Each
punch and strike is shown in detail: how they act and where to strike.

My Journey! by Master Peggy Slatten
Tae Kwon Do itself is a journey. Travel with me to learn about Heritage
Martial Arts and how Grandmaster Woo Jin Jung is at the heart of
it. I have been fortunate to travel and meet an extensive Tae Kwon
Do family through him and my instructor, Grandmaster Hall.

My TaeKwonDo Adventure by Master Tom Strade
The adventures in life put certain people in our paths. One of
those is Grandmaster Gary Hall. I was a photographer, joined
Two Rivers Martial Arts; which later joined with Heritage Tae
Kwon Do, and have received much joy seeing Tae Kwon Do
through the eyes of many others. My adventure follows.

Martial Arts and ADHD by Jeremy Talbott
Discusses the purpose of Martial Arts in the battle against ADHD. The
symptoms and how instructors should be able to recognize them and
channel them into the very aspect of physical and mental training.

The Fight of Bruce and Kareem by Masoud Hayeri Khyavi
The fighting scene from the movie, The Game of Death, with Bruce
Lee, is analyzed and thought provoking. It is all about the sunglasses.

Heritage TaeKwonDo
Heritage Tae Kwon Do is a legacy and inheritance from Grandmaster
Woo Jim Jung. The adventure, the journey, and the life of leadership
of Grandmaster Hall are shared in our articles. We are proud
of our rich history and leadership that has been passed on.

A Life of Leadership and Service by MasterĀ Peggy Slatten and Master Tom Strade
When Grandmaster Jung directs four schools to join together, you
make it happen. Grandmaster Hall stepped forward and created
Heritage Tae Kwon Do. Learn about his life as a farm boy, Air
Force Officer, Medical Doctor, Air National Guard and author.

Focus On by Todd C. Jonas
Do not be too quick to judge or compare yourself to another person
based on their abilities. Design your own journey through Martial Arts.

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