Issue #225 – September 2018 (Digital & Print)


Responsibility of Power- The Trials and Tribulations of Jose Torres;
A driving force in the world Tang Soo Do community discusses his life and the lessons learned

Making History– A review of the events that make history happen in the Korean peninsula

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Brenda Sell- Foundations of Tae Kwon Do- Punch
The ability to deliver a powerful, technically correct punch is an important part of every practitioner’s arsenal.

Porter Dodge- Jim Arvanitis: The Evolution of Pankration’s Renaissance Man
From modest beginnings, Jim Arvanitis has resurrected ancient Greece’s combat sport and proved himself a martial art pioneer.

John jong Choi, Joon-Young Hong, Dr. Billy Turner- Tae Kwon Do comes to the United States: Then and Now (Part Two)
 e emigration of Tae Kwon Do masters from Korea resulted in commercialization and changes in practice.

Karthrin Sumpter- Another story of Healing, Remission and Wellness through Martial Arts
Dan Haney’s story of the role of martial arts during his battle with cancer is inspiring.

David Stainko- The history of the belt in martial arts (Grading and Ranking)
A reveiw of the events that make history happen in the Korean peninsula.

Kristy Hitchens- Why taking up Tae Kwon Do in my 40’s was the best thing ever!
Starting Tae Kwon Do practice in midlife leads to joyous discoveries and advice for others.

Paul Johnstone- The way of the Hand and Foot in a War-Torn Land: A personal story of Tae Kwon Do in Afghanistan
A young man  nds a life purpose in TKD and plans to promote positive values in an unlikely place.

Joel Kupfersmid- Escapes from the Front Choke in Self-Defense
The author presents four escapes from the common front choke.

Fernan Vargas- The Scout Staff
The author introduces a method for the use of the Scout staff, or walking stick, as a basic yet valuable weapon.

Sue Whitfield- Unbreakable Spirit
Reminding students about the importance of “unbreakable spirit” and the necessity of having a strong belief system in themselves is a crucial part of training

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