Issue #219 September 2017


Cover – The Legacy. After years of developing and teaching Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido
in Korea and in the US, Grandmaster Kim Myung-Yong is passing the torch to Grandmaster Michael Rhoades.


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Thomas Gordon – The Impact of an Instructor
A martial arts instructor is a role model who has the ability to change lives.

Marilyn Fierro – Path to Discovery
The author’s life of spiritual exploration and martial arts training has been a fulfilling, synchronistic journey.

George Vitale – 2017 WTF World Championships in MuJu, Korea
The ITF’s return to South Korea in June of 2017 after 45 years is a sign of improving relations between the two TKD styles.

Woon Suk Choi – Champ Martial Arts Summer Camp
This innovative Alaska summer camp combines educational activities and martial arts training.

Miguel Quijano – Introducing the Arts of Mani, Cocobale, and Calinda of Cuba and Puerto Rico
The author presents the story of his research into these largely unknown arts.

david j moore – Starting New Traditions with Traditionz Entertainment
Five world-renowned martial artists founded Traditionz Entertainment to ensure that the films they produced would reflect their core values.

Dale Miller – How to Turn the Tables on Your Attacker: Three Components of Effectively Counter Attacking.
The author presents three commonsense tips to help improve chances of counter attacking effectively.

Gregory Brundage – Silk Road Tae Kwon Do Quest – Part VII
The author’s travels on the Silk Road take him to Georgia.

Fernan Vargas – What is the Iron Guard?
The Iron Guard provides the defender with a cast-iron defense against oncoming attacks.

Guy Larke – Swordsmanship for the 21st Century:
An Indtroduction to Sung Do Moosan Tyu Kenjutsu. Grandmaster Sung-Soo Kim’s passion for the sword and the duel led him to develop the principles and techniques of a unique martial art.

Kathrin Sumpter – Cacoy Doce Pares Windowpane Disarms(Part Two)
These are the remaining disarms in the series developed by Senior GM Anthony Kleeman.

Susan Whitfield – Black Belt at Age 70!!
The journey of a lifetime culminates in black belts for two elderly women.

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