Issue #213 – September 2016 (Digital & Print)


Cover-“A Year in the Life of Master Mimi Hwang”
Master Mimi Hwang`wears many hats during a typical year Filled with activities and events.

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Maurice Elmalem- “Fighting with the Winning Edge”
These tips for proper preparation and attitude make for success in competition.

William F. Randolph, Jr.- “The Lost Art of the Ax Kick”(Part One)
An instructor mentors two exceptional students in use of this challenging and versatile technique.

Frank Hatsis- “Rope Dart Then and Now”
This flexible weapon with ancient Chinese roots is gaining popularity.

Greg Brundage- “Silk Road Tae Kwon Do Quest IV”
The author spends time with Umida and Furkat in Bukhara.

Joel Kupfersmid- “Two Simple Self-Defense Techniques for Beginning Martial Artists”
These two self-defense techniques are designed to inflict pain and injury with average use of force.

Vickie Hornback- “The Traveling Black Belt”
While traveling, John Hornback experiences rewarding exchanges at a variety of martial art schools.

Sherry Cataldo- “My Journey to 3rd Dan In Hapkido”
Training in Hapkido leads the author on a journey of selfdiscovery, understanding and, ultimately, acceptance.

James Theros- “10 Ways to Improve Your Basics”
The author discusses ways to improve these most important fundamentals.

“Alex Gillis and A Killing Art”
Alex Gillis discusses researching his book, the new edition and trends in martial arts.

Matt Smith- “The Potentially Fatal Punch”
Martial artists must train for a punch that might contain an edged weapon.

Brian Myers- “30 Ways Kids Can Stop Bullying”
Here are 30 things children can do to  ght back against bullying in their schools and classrooms, helping themselves, their friends and classmates.

Sue O’Connor- “Cross Training with Yoga to Enhance Your Martial Arts Practice”
Cross training with Yoga can cultivate strength, flexibility, and focused attention.

Jarrod Taylor-”Introduction to the Curriculum of Choi Yong Sul Dojunim, Founder of Hapkido”
This article describes the Hapkido Hapkiyusul curriculum, as taught by Takeda to Choi and then by Choi to Kim, 3rd Doju.

“Community Outreach: The Chosun Taekwondo Academy Leadership Team”
The Chosun Taekwondo Academy Leadership Team serves the local community through charitable fundraising, outreach and community action.

Matteo Urella- “The Journey of A Martial Artist Is Never Complete”
Matt Bessette has experienced tremendous success in MMA and has his sights set on a contract with the UFC.

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