Issue #207 – September 2015 (Digital Download)


Cover- “Master Jason Wadley: Working for Unity”
Master Wadley is a major leader in the effort to disseminate and unify Tae Kwon Do worldwide


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“Conversations with Dr. Ron Shane”
Dr.Shane discusses the inner aspects of Tae Kwon Do training.

“Interview with John A. Johnson, PhD.” part 2 by Dr. George Vitale
Dr.John Johnson’s story of training, studying and teaching in Korea continues.

“A Mother’s Fear” by Vickie Hornback
A mother tells the story of her sweet-natured son’s journey to self-confi dence through Tae Kwon Do.

“Late Night Black Belt” by Marc Zirogiannis
Circumstances converge to encourage John Kerwin to begin Tae Kwon Do training late in life, and he experiences unexpected results..

“How Tae Kwon Do Could Help the Mixed Martial Artist Be More Effective”
Dr. Shane discusses ways in which training in ITF Tae Kwon Do could improve the effectivess of MMA fighters.

“Five Tips Every Tae Kwon Do Business Owner Should
Know About Fitness software” by Rodger Pyle The author discusses what to look for in selecting software for a martial arts business.

“Bullying” by David Higgs (first in a series)
The author explores the roots of bullying as well as some techniques to address the problem.

“Knowledge is Power” by Brian Myers (second in series)
It is important for the martial arts instructor to understand state anti-bullying laws in order to provide
effective training.

“Modern Farang Mu Sul–Fighting Folder Knife Training Skills” by Michael De Alba
This system’s drills and training methods simulate actual fighting conditions to prepare for the physical
and mental stresses of a dangerous situation.

“TUL TOUR MARCH 2015: Traditional Tae Kwon Do Has Something to Off er South Korea” by Dr. George Vitale (First installment)
Tae Kwon Doists from around the world take a tour of South Korea that includes visiting and training at historic locations.

Third Nordic Hapkido Cup
Coverage of the Third Nordic Hapkido Cup hosted by Master Rikard Larsson of Sweden.

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