Issue #189 – September 2012 (Digital & Print)


Grandmaster Hwang Kwang Sung
One of General Choi’s most trusted friends, tells about General Choi’s life and death—including General Choi’s will—witnessed by Grandmaster Hwang four days before General Choi’s passing at a hospital in Pyongyang, North Korea.

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Dealing with Discipline Issues Effectively in the Martial Arts Academy
Master Andrew Lesser shares strategies that will help instructors effectively manage discipline issues in their Dojangs.

Cynthia Rothrock: The Queen Still Reigns Supreme
What’s martial arts film star Cynthia Rothrock been up to lately? Read this article to find out.

Tukkong Military Arts
Lessons from the Korean Special Forces. Master Joshua Paszkiewicz explains why and how this martial arts system was created

How Important is Your Martial Arts History?
You need to know where you came from in order to fully understand where you’re going in martial arts. Author Christopher Bashaw encourages martial artists to find out about their martial arts lineage.

The Tenth Anniversary of General Choi’s Passing
Dr. Ron Shane, Master of the Energy Arts and Sixth Degree ITF Black Belt, urges Taekwondo
practitioners the world over not to forget about the teachings of General Choi or the importance
of the “Do” in Taekwondo.

TaeKwon’s Daily Dozen
Master Dan Perry shares the twelve principles of power

Dan Bong Sul: The Short Stick Weapon of Hapkido
When ancient noblemen had to travel long distances, they often encountered various threats. The need for a self defense technique using the short stick arose from these threats.

Gochujang – Korean Red Pepper Paste
Made from dried red peppers, salt, water, fermented soybeans, and sweet rice powder, gochujang
is the required ingredient in several casseroles and side dishes of Korean cuisine.

Recipe: Bibimbap (Rice Mixed with Vegetables and Beef )
It is said that this dish came from the customs of memorial services and rural villages. Bibimbap is very
easy to prepare, just mixing together cooked white rice with various vegetables, namul and red pepper
paste (gochujang).

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