Issue #159 – September 2007 ( Digital & Print)


Cover Story: Rush Hour 3

Get the inside scoop on the sure to be box office smash, Rush Hour 3, featuring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Check out our bio on Holloywood’s hot, young director Brett Ratner!

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16 TKD Championships Around the Globe

TKD Coverage of the WTF world Co taekwondo championships In Beijing  from a  first timers point of view.  Also, check out our  coverage of the ITF Senior championship In Slovenia.

20 Sean Cochran: Man Behind the Champion

TKDT Exclusive! Meet the man who strength trains,  golf champion Phil Mickelson,  how Sean got there, where he’s going, and how we uses taekwondo to train athletes.

24 Kurt Otto: MMA’s Man on a Mission

TKDT Exclusive! Think you’re busy? Bey you won’t when you read what this IFL commissioner is up to and what it’s been like Co-founding and running the International Fight League. Plus, found out what he thinks Makes a great fighter!

28 Passing the Torch

Travel through the time as we trace the linage of the McLinden family from World War II to present day. Meet these 4 great generations of American martial artist.

36 Time out for TKD

Meet women who do it all and still make time for TKD .

42 Breaking Through Your Limitations

Who doesn’t want to be a master breaker? It’s one of the most impressive talents of martial artist today. Get in the know on how to break with the best .

47 The Training Diet

Want to reach your fighting weight?  This excerpt from Fitness for Full Contact Fighters gives you the low down on what to do.

52 Stranger in a Strange Land

Follow the travels  of teenager and up and coming martial artist Brandon Huor. Don’t be surprised if you see him on the silver screen someday!

56 Let Your Fingers do the Locking

Ever wonder why the fight leagues don’t allow finger locks?  Because they’ll defeat an opponent almost every time. Read up on tips and tricks for this taboo technique.

62 Jin S. Yang: New Secretary-General of the WTF

TKDT exclusive! We sat down to get to know one of the most influential men in TKD today.  Find out his thoughts on the merger of the WTF An ITF and Olympion TKD.

70 The Spiritual Path: Four Keys to Inner Peace

Martial arts is so much more than just jumping and kicking. Discover 4 ways to find your own spiritual path.

76 Elvis: Icon, Man & Martial Artist

TKDT exclusive! 30 years since he’s been gone, but the legend of Elvis Pressley lives on in the heart and mind of his instructor Master Kang Rhee.  Come along as we follow the martial arts journey Of the King of Rock and Roll.


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