Issue #244 November 2021 Digital Magazine

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6 Cover Over 50 Years Training and Still Going Strong!!! Grandmaster Tim McHugh
By Master Guy Edward Larke
How many of us have done ANY activity or skill for more than 50 years?
15 Jung’s Taekwondo.#286 Promotion test-8th,9th Dan Grandmaster 10/09/2021
20 Balancing the Past and Future – By Master Todd C. Jonas
A visual timeline is an excellent aid to keep moving forward within the martial arts. Sometimes, we all need a little “push” to motivate us.
22 Yin and Yang Strategies
Masoud Hayeri Khyavi
The Yin-Yang symbol consists of two enclosed areas: the light swirl/spiral (Yang) with a dark dot, which is dynamic, and the dark swirl/spiral (Yin) with a light dot, which is static.
A very special celebration occurred over the weekend of November 6-7, 2021 in Newark, NJ. The Richard Chun Taekwondo HQ held an event, commemorating the fourth anniversary of the passing of it’s founder, Grandmaster Richard Chun.
26 Covid-19 & My Journey to Taekwondo World – SUNITA GAUR
PR Ambassador
In 2020 , covid 19 started to spread all over the world . Most of the people affected by covid 19 virus .A total shut down has ben imposed all over the world. Many people lost their loved belongings and their jobs this lead to financial crisus all over the world.
18 Podcast CEO/Publisher Woojin Jung
Thank you from Ms.Choi
28 TKD Pioneer Jong Soo Park Passes Away (1941-2021) Rest In Peace
29 Former US President Donald J. Trump was awarded an honorary 9th Dan Black Belt by Kukkiwon President Lee Dong-seop on Saturday November 14th 2021 at Mara Largo in Florida.

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