Issue #238 November 2020 (Digital & Print)


Cover Story: We Are Family
Grandmaster Karen A. Brown takes a look into what being a TKD
Family is all about. Learn about their programs, teams, Tournament,
and events. Grandmaster Brown shares a heartfelt Thank You
to GM Jung; a teacher, instructor, kind spirit, courageous man
who has a little crazy in him and who is forever with her.

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The importance of Anger Management Learning in
Martial Arts
by Masoud Hayeri Khyavi
Why you should teach peace of mind to your students so
they have weapons they may not be able to carry

Art and the Way – A Journey of Two Brothers to become
ITF Taekwon-Do Masters by Robert Greeff
A story about the legacy and journey of two brothers who were the first 7th
degree Masters in the history of ITF Taekwon-Do of Southern Africa

Relentless Empowerment by Master Christina Bayley
From the age of 6, to opening my own school, to winning the Toughman
boxing tournament at the age of 35. Be committed and be in the present.

The Ugbolue Family Participate in a Kwon’s Taekwondo
Zoom Class with Grandmaster Young A. Kwon
A family’s story on learning through ZOOM classes. Master Ugbolue, her
husband, and children ages 6 & 10 share their experiences and dedication

Reminiscing Fondly About My Days with General Choi
Hong Hi by ITF President Prof Ri Yong Son
Following his path and my amazing journey with him

White Belt by Todd C. Jonas
The memorable day you tie your black belt around you
is a great time to remember where you began.

Martial Arts in the 21st Century by David “Sensei” Stainko
Keep traditions or go modern? You must first understand
techniques from Masters that came before you.

Little Tigers Series / Respect
Little Tigers Series / Confidence
Dr. Paul Rhyu / Why do we get dizzy after exercise?
Little Dragons Magical Corner / Heart Reflections
Heart to Heart / A Letter to the Readers
Publisher’s Page
Just For Kicks Cartoon by Mark Buckwalter
Goodwill Tour Anthems
Martial Arts Directory

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