Issue #232 – November 2019 (Digital & Print)


Cover Story – Elite Martial Artist, GM Kyung Won Kim, Brings Tae Kwon Do to Public Schools
The effects of bringing Tae Kwon Do to public schools through physical education.

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Master Scott S. DiSpirito- Krav Maga: The Art of the Israeli Defense Forces
Life or death firearm disarmament a self-defense system used by Israeli defense forces and the secret service of Israel known as the Mossad.

Brett Schneider- The Physics of Taekwondo
Small town girl makes good! How Zee James from Tupelo, Mississippi came to be on JEOPARDY! reading clues about physics while punching and kicking and generally looking like a badass.

Kevin Manwell- Second Chance for a First Start
Journey of a family man starting Taekwondo as a student, to being an owner and head instructor of a school.

Linda Bustamante Padron- Little Dragons Magical Corner
Eight ways to help you discover your area of strengths and capitalize on them.

Kathrin Sumpter- CEBU
Team USA Represents In World Stick Fighting Competition.

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