Issue #226 – November 2018 (Digital & Print)


Grandmaster Michael De Alba Renaissance Man, Shilla Spirit and American Sensibilities;
GM Michael De Abla is the American version of the noble Hwarang knights


Ten pages dedicated to General Choi

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A new kind of leader for the Tang Soo Do World-Choung Koe-Woong’s life
Choung Koe-Woong’s life of service has led him to assume leadership roles in world Tang Soo Do

Celebrating 100 Years: 1918-2018  TKD Times commemorates the centennial of the birth of General Choi Hong-Hi
TKD Times commemorates the centennial of the birth of General Choi Hong-Hi.

Jules Stewart- Putting the punch into your Seventies
Returning to TKD late in life is very challenging and also rewarding.

Miller- Want to get better at Martial Arts? Use your Imagination
Visualizing is an incredibly effective tool in improving martial arts skills.

Greg Brundage- Silk Road TKD Quest IX
The author’s travels take him to the WTF headquarters in Azerbaijan and various historical sites.

Bohdi Sanders- Secrets of the martial arts masters
The author discusses his efforts in editing a three-volume set of books containing secrets, teachings, wisdom, and knowledge from some of the greatest martial arts masters of our time.

Erica Linthorst- Aging Up and Staying in the game
Two experts in movement physiology and clinical and vascular neurology discuss martial arts training for aging athletes.

Robert Cutrell- Muay Thai Kickboxing in Finland
Arto Vuoma is doing his best to bring the art of Muay Thai kickboxing to Finland.

Amante Marinas- The ABZs of knife throwing
The author delves into the mechanics of throwing a knife in self-defense.

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