Issue #220 – November 2017 (Digital & Print)


Christina Bayley – “I Still Care, From the Mat to the Chair” by Chris Hershberger
Coach Christina Bayley’s career has taken her from success in competition to the joys of mentoring the best young athletes.

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Iron Shin Guinness World Record Holder: Master Kerim Duygu, “The Iron Shin”
Two and a half years of preparation culminate in aworld record for this German martial artist.

Sue O’Connor – Yoga Hand Stretches for Faster Strikes and Blocks.

Susan Whitfield – Goal Setting in Young Children
This is instructor introduces children to the the concept of goals and how to set the expectation for advancements in a very positive way.

Doug Cook – What Do We Do Now?
The author answers students who are often confused after being exposed to “new” and unconventional strategies pertaining to the art.

Kathrin Sumpter-CDP Eskrima Pangamot Windowpane Knife Disarms (Part One).
Senior GM Anthony Kleeman has developed a series of Pangamot knife disarms that incorporates his windowpane concepts.

David Stainko-History of the Nunchaku
From its origin in China to its modern rise in popularity, the nunchaku has a colorful history.

Steven Ronai-One Family’s Quest to Fulfillll a Dream, Perseverance and dedication led a father and son to represent the US in Tae Kwon Do.

Michael De Alba-Sport Combat Taking it to the Next Level
The sport of MMA has evolved as the fighters’ arsenal has expanded.

Guy Larke -Muye- 24 Ban Muye: More than the Sum of its Parts
The 24 Ban Muye Kyoung-Dang Association draws on a storied tradition to teach weapon arts

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