Issue #214 – November 2016 (Digital Download)


Cover- “Evolving to Strengthen Future Generations”
From an inauspicious beginning, Chief Master Stephen Westbrook goes on to worldwide success in the American Taekwondo Association.

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Dr. He-Young Kimm- “MAY-DAY, MAY-DAY: The Travels of Dr. He-Young Kimm During May, 2016”
The founder of the Han Mu Do Association spends a month traveling the world, participating in conferences, seminars, and other events.

Alex Gillis- “Daredevil Stuntman Dares to be Different”
The stuntman for this Netflix series is known for acrobatic stunts that showcase the precision and control, learned from years of Karate and Tae Kwon Do.

Joy Worley- “One Woman’s Dream Became Reality”
An early interest in martial arts leads to a many
accomplishments and a desire to give back.

Robert Barnes- “The Real Miyagi”
A recently released documentary showcases the life of the man behind the character in the well-known film.

Master Guy Edward Larke- “A Promise Fulfilled: Martial World Game Sees Life in America’s Dojangs”
A martial artist from a rough background creates games that bring people together.

David Higgs- “Writing Taekwondo History”
The mutual love of a master and student for the martial arts and history forms the basis for a collaboration on various writing projects.

Susan O’Connor- “Yoga for Kids”
There are measurable physiological and psychological benefits to teaching Yoga to children.

Angela Tortora- “Discovering Myself through Tae Kwon Do”
An accidental beginning leads to self-discovery and a love of competition.

Leo Fong- “The Origin of Wei Kuen Do Stick Boxing”
Wei Kuen Do is an integrated martial art that focuses on
versatile and spontaneous expression of technique.

Jeff Jeds- “JEDOKAN-Way of the Versatile Warrior”
The JEDOKAN system is a family-oriented system geared toward versatility and self-actualization.

Aiko Jeds- “The Gifts of Martial Arts Training”
Training in martial arts contribute to an understanding
of self-discipline, diligence and perseverance.

Renegine Alejo- “Growing As a Martial Artist”
JEDOKAN provides a sense of belonging and direction
in life along with the ability to overcome trials.

Lyn Bee- “Possibilities Ahead”
Training in JEDOKAN provides the impetus for a career in nursing.

Lady Lallaine Reed- “Reed’s Active Martial Arts & Wellness Club LLC”
This couple, with their eclectic backgrounds and skills, help people realize the bene ts of wellness.

Paul Pinckard- “A Fascinating Journey”
Studying the martial arts saves a life and leads to an
involvement in martial arts action films.

David Deich- “Sifu Shane Lear-Founder of Gen Yuan Kempo”
Gen Yuan Kempo combines a variety of martial and healing studies into a seamless blend of martial arts and healing.

William F. Randolph, Jr- “The Lost Art of the Ax Kick” (Part Two)
The remaining drills for this challenging and
versatile technique are illustrated.

Michael Rowe- “Becoming a Black Belt Communicator”
An understanding of verbal and nonverbal communication
can potentially deter a physical altercation.

“Master Shin Chul Kang’s Namchang Dojang”
The Namchang Dojang derives its extraordinary success
from its philosophy and training methods.

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