Issue #208 – November 2015 (Digital & Print)


Kyu Jang “Grandmaster Tae Sun Kang, a Modern-Day Grandmaster”
Grandmaster Kang carries on illustrious family tradition and ushers traditional TKD into a modern age in one of the largest cities in the world.

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Taekwon-Do: Origins of the Art:
Bok Man Kim’s Historic Photospective(1955-2015). This book documents the history of Tae Kwon Do through photographs from the life of a pioneer.

Nathan Lubow–”What It Means to Earn My 1st Degree Black Belt”
A newly promoted black belt tells his inspirational story.

Chris Marquez-”Knife Control Advantage with San-Jitsu’s ‘Hornet’s Loop’”
San-Jitsu’s “Hornet’s Loop” allows the practitioner to maintain weapon control and avoid disarmament.

Dale Miller-”What is Choi Kwang Do and Why Should You Care?”
Th e author explains the creation of CKD and the problems it adresses.

Steven Ronai- “Million Dollar Martial Artist?”
Yung Woo Hwang practices the Tae Kwon Do Code on the reality show Survivor.

Dom Franco- Carl Van Roon: An Evolving Martial Artist:
This New Zealander’s life has been a journey from individual
accomplishments to sharing his experiences and skills with others.

Marshall Gagne “Wonkumdo”
Sword training in this system incorporates movements based on the Korean alphabet.

Vickie Hornback–”A Community United”
This successful model of coordinating with local law enforcment to educate the public regaring self-defense can be followed by martial arts schools in other communities.

Guy Larke “Korean Arts with a Japanese Twist and a Western Mind”
A martial artist with eclectic training works to avoid politics and spread his style.

Robert Sledge “White Belt Again”
Becoming a white belt again is challenging and scary, but in life as in martial arts, starting something new can be rewarding.

“Conversations with Master Dr. Ron Shane on the Art and Practice of DO”(continued)
Dr.Shane discusses ITF patterns as one of the best ways of circulating chi in the body.

Del McLaughlin “Rui Bragança: After Baku, Rio Beckons”
Portuguese champion Rui Bragança discusses his recent success and his plans for Rio.

Paul Brailer “Criptaedo: Empowering the Disabled”
The author explains how his martial arts journey began and how he works to empower those with disabilities.

Susan Griego Oconnor “Yoga for the Martial Artist”
Practicing a simple Yoga pose confers surprising benefi ts.

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