Issue #190 – November 2012 (Digital & Print)


Dr. Grant Smith, Arizona’s Iron Master
How did a professional racquetball player, Ironman Triathlete international competitor, professional chiropractor and acupuncturist become Arizona’s Iron Master? The story, as well as his personal
philosophy, is quite compelling. You won’t want to miss it!

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TaeKwonDo Coverage from the London Olympics
Correspondent Michael Tang reports on Olympic TaeKwonDo competition

Tenth Anniversary of General Choi’s Death
George Vitale files his report from Pyungyang, North Korea

A Tribute to Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin

Are TaeKwonDo Schools in Danger of Extinction?
Part II of the series—Dr. David Horrigan interviews Jae Hun Kim about his very successful methods of teaching TaeKwonDo to adults in Korea and elsewhere

MMA: Does it Really Show Us What Does and Does Not Work?
That all depends, according to Jeff Rosser, as he explores some critical differences between MMA and TKD

Spectacular New Facility is North Korea’s Gift to Taekwon-Do World
George Vitale gives the readers a “look” at the new TaeKwon-Do Sanctuary, including a brief history of the politics of TaeKwon-Do and of the region

A Swirl, a Twirl and a Slice of History
Introducing the Twin Blades of Kum-Mu; an art form with a fascinating history that combines the best of both martial arts and dance.

Conditioning for Success
Michael Mershad offers some great suggestions for conditioning as well as an opportunity to share your success with TaeKwonDo Times.

Banchan – Korean Side Dishes
Korean cuisine is characterized by an abundance of side dishes called banchan.
KTO describes many of these staples of Korean gastronomy and even shares a
banchan recipe for Kimchi stew.

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