Issue #241 May 2021 Digital Magazine

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4 Taekwondo it Live’s In Your Heart – Asfaw Haile personal experiances
6 Grandmaster James A. Saffold: Tang Soo Do’s Strong Right
Hand, Interview by Chief Correspondent Guy Larke
16 Couldn’t hold her tears of joy……
On the podium Maria Francese couldn’t hold her tears of joy when
she heard calling her name and heard the notes of the
American National Anthem while one of the Grand Masters
was awarding her with the gold medal. She participated in the
Silver Female Veteran division.
19 Gray Space By: Masoud Hayeri Khyavi
Different kinds of martial arts classes, regardless of whether or not they are
original, have been established for a long time in the World. Some of them then
were closed and some are still training practitioners. The competitive atmosphere in
training martial arts to young interested practitioners is praiseworthy, but provided
that it is really for training not for business and seeking a position! Unfortunately,
what is these days dominant in this field (martial arts) is “to show off”, “selfaggrandizement”,
“gaining a position”, and unhealthy business goals in particular.
21 Shaik Karimulla, from India Taekwondo(ITF) – Personal experiance
23 Ground Grappling Techniques (Ne-Waza) as the reptiles do
Masood Hayeri Khyavi
Almost in all cases, except for competitions with grappling techniques or ground
grappling techniques, the fights end on the ground; either one of the opponents
falls to the ground due to the other’s opponent’s heavy blow, or both opponents
fall to the ground and the fight shifts from straight form to the ground.
27 Journey Towards The Do
TKDT Interview by Director Lonnie Matthews – Grandmaster Wai Meng Leong
Sir when you speak of Do – Supreme Consciousness are
you speaking of your internal self – spirit???

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