Issue #235 – May 2020 Special 1st Cover Page from Home Land (Digital & Print)


Cover: Grand Master Kang Shin-Chul and Master Kang Yu-Jin
Father and Daughter Grand Master Kang Shin-Chul, Master
Kang Yu-Jin Making History and Breaking Records.

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 From the Battlefields of the Joseon Dynasty to your Local Gym
the Art of Bon Kuk Kum by Master Guy Edward Larke
The lost art of Bon Kuk Kum, Korean knights called Hwarang, the rise
and fall of the Shilla Dynasty and the most significant era in the erosion
of Hwarang arts – the Joseon Dynasty. Lee brings back this ancient
martial art in more than 100 gyms and is spreading internationally.

Both Sides of the Belt by Sensei Todd C Jonas
Practitioners must be a “complete” martial artist. It is paramount
to focus on one’s weaknesses as much as their strengths, possibly
even more. therefore, being proficient on both sides of the belt.

Breaking Boredom by Master Wisniewski
9 tips on how to maintain a sense of normalcy, avoid cabin
fever and surge ahead of your fellow students.

Never Embarrass the Instructor: A Lesson from Hapkido by James Brewer
When pressed, your Master may show you techniques he has not yet
taught you, as well as humility and lessons you will not forget. Even if
by some chance you’re able to, you don’t embarrass the instructor.

The Battle Axe (Part 1) by David Stainko
The Battle Axe – It’s history, design, and purpose
throughout periods of time and cultures.

Olympic TKD Gyeorugi by Scott DiSpirito
World Taekwondo is an Olympic sport that is growing rapidly throughout
the world. is is highly competitive and takes commitment to a
level only a few will achieve. is article will display some techniques
that I consider e ective in the full contact sparring world

“Why You Can’t use Manu Jujitsu/Judo Techniques in Real Life” by Joel Kupfersmid
Many techniques in Jujitsu and Judo are unrealistic for efective self defense

 Achilles’ Heel in Self-Defense by Masoud Hayeri Khyavi
The art of fighting. Physical strength should be the last goal in doing
and learning martial arts. Spiritual and thinking principles play a
key and decisive role. Keep cool and calm and try to control the
“place and time”. Use your strength at the right time, but no matter
how strong your opponent is, he certainly has a weak point.

So Now You Have to Teach Online… by James Nam
The challenge of online classes, strategies, and steps
you can take for your dojang to survive.

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