Issue #229 – May 2019 (Digital & Print)


Cover Page – Sensei Shane Lear’s 100-Man Kumite
As a way of demonstrating the quality of his art, Sensei Shane Lear trained
for and underwent an extreme test of physical and mental endurance.


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Fernan Vargas – Kukri: Combat Knife of Nepal
This Napalese knife tool and weapon has crossed over to the general knife community.

Masoud Hayeri-Aimless Strikes and Targeted Strikes
The author discusses taking preventive action before strikes as well as counterattackng.

Joel Kupfersmid – How You Practice Is How You Play(Guest Opinion)
The majority of students are repeatedly practicing the wrong way to defend themselves.

Jeremy Talbott – Veterans Battle PTSD with Martial Arts
For some veterans, martial arts practice has been a great outlet to help deal with the anger, anxiety, and depression.

Eric Golder – How Training with my Son Got Me Back into Martial Arts
Getting back into martial arts training with his son provides a father with a rewarding and long lesson in perseverance and humility.

Alberto Borjas – Why Should We Practice Forms?
Forms practice brings with it mental and spiritual benefits and should be the core training of every martial art system.

James Gott – Knife attack at a McDonald’s in the UK
A martial arts instructor tells of an incident when his training was tested.

Greg Brundage – Silk Road Tae Kwon Do Quest (Part X)
The author’s travels take him to an exploration of TKD in Turkey, as well as visits to historical sites.

The Journey to JKD
A shy youth makes a journey from boxing to The New Generation Jeet Kune Do.

Justin Matthews – An Endless Journey
Kevin Carter’s martial arts journey has led him to overcome challenges both in and out of the ring.

Matt Numrich-Three-Step Adaptable Choke Defenses
A three-step Krav Maga process can counter a choke from any position.

Chang Sup Shin – My Tae Kwon Do Hometown in Iowa
Teaching and training at Jung’s Taekwondo Academy in Cedar Rapids were important early steps in this consultant’s development.

Kevin Green – A Day in My Life
Growing up in a martial arts family brings with it many rewards.

Lifetime Achievement Award from U.S. Taekwondo Grandmasters Society
First woman to receive this award recounts the
event and winners of other awards.

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