Issue #217 – May 2017 (Digital & Print)


Cover- The Art of the Cleveland Comeback
The members of this martial arts family have created a name for themselves in Ohio and carried on an impressive legacy.

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Brenda Sell – Championship Strategies Part Three
Sr Grandmaster Sell shares extreme competitor tips.

Kathrin J. Sumpter – Personal Best – Unlocking the Power of Martial Arts
Jenny Schaefer,a student with Down Syndrome, finds success in martial arts.

Greg Brundage – Silk Road Tae Kwon Do Quest–Part VI
The author’s travels on the Silk Road take him to Turkmenistan.

Porter Dodge – Jim Arvanitis’ Pankration Pillars: Modern Principles of an Ancient Legacy
This modern version of an ancient art rests on a set of principles derived from Jim Arvanitis’ extensive experience.

Grandmaster Kim Soo and Alberto Borjas – ChayonRyu: A Treasure in Today’s Martial Arts World
Kim Pyung-Soo, third-generation Tae Kwon Do master, came to America and created a lifestyle martial arts system.

Linda Bustamante – The Art of Camacho
Art Camacho’s drive and determination make him a unique force in the world of martial arts and in the action film genre.

Andrew Trento – Grandmaster Suh Chong Kang, Pioneer of Korean Martial Arts
The author interviews a true pioneer about the creation of Tae Kwon Do and his role in its dissemination.

Doug Cook – Training at the Kukkiwon
The author describes this singular training experience and the deep meaning that it holds for him and other practitioners of traditional Tae Kwon Do.

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