Issue #187 – May 2012 (Digital & Print)


Grandmaster John Pellegrini From the Dojang to the Battlefield
2012 marks the 20th anniversary to the founding of the International Combat Hapkido Federation, created by Grandmaster John Pellegrini, a martial artist with over 40 years of training. Find out how his martial art prowess has led him overseas to train the U.S. troops for hand-to-hand combat.

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An Interview with Eric Parthen New CEO of USA Taekwondo
TKD Times conducted an exclusive interview with USA Taekwondo’s new leader, Eric Parthen. Learn about his experience and his hopes for the future of TKD in the U.S.

An Interview with John Seiber USA Taekwondo Referee Chairman
Our exclusive interview with USAT’s Referee Chairman John Seiber talks about the Olympics, refereeing and the future of TKD.

An Interview with Bae, Jhong Shin Chairman of the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation
We spoke to the Chairman of the TPF about the upcoming TKD Park being built in Muju, South Korea. Learn more about the mecca for TKD.

Ancient Asian Weapons
Check out the ancient weapons of the Muye Dobo Tongi, an ancient martial arts textbook written at the command of Korean monarch, King Jung-Jo.

3 Exotic Tools of Teuk Gong Moo Sool
Learn about the art of Teuk Gong Moo Sool created by Grandmaster No-Won Park at the request of the South Korean military and its top exotic and extreme weapon choices.


20 TKDT Product Reviews / Tech Edition
26 KICKPICS Corner / Photos by Stace Sanchez
28 Kickin’ It / Chamber Circles
38 Raising Awareness / Tueller Principle
47 Stretch Yourself / Resistance Bands for Kick Training
61 Nutrition by the Numbers / Logic is a Powerful Weapon: Part II
67 East Meets West / Security Check
72 Wisdom of the Masters / Transformation
75 MMA & You / Could Bruce Lee Win the UFC?
78 Traditions / Retaining Black Belts
80 The Knight’s Way / I Have to Take it Back…
83 Woman of the Times / The ‘No Fear’ Commitment
90 The Last Word / Bashing

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