Issue #234 – March 2020 (Digital & Print)


Cover: Grand Master Kang Shin-Chul and Master Kang Yu-Jin
Father and Daughter Grand Master Kang Shin-Chul, Master
Kang Yu-Jin Making History and Breaking Records.

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Kumdo by Master Nick Cusmano
Master Cusmano explores Kumdo history and benefits of
this traditional martial art at Mireu Martial Arts.

H.O.P.E.: Helping Our Pupils Excel by Linda Bustamante Padron
Linda Bustamante Padron offers advice to graduating
seniors and resources for scholarships.

Surpassing Your Teacher by Todd Jonas
Eventually, some dedicated students will surpass
their teacher. How will you handle it?

Little Tigers Tang Soo Do Self Defense Jedokan Martial Arts by Selina Palmer
Students learn confidence with discipline and respect for
oneself. We desire all of our students not only to learn selfdefense, but the skills to be wonderful people who not only carry the integrity of the art, but also help others.

Jedokan Martial Arts Self Defense by Erin Huey
Hair grab technique for beginning students.

Health Fix by Grand Master Maurice Elmalem
Grand Master Elmalem lays out a plan to remain engaged and active as we age.

The Future of Girl Power by Master Jeremy Talbott
Women are joining martial art schools. Master Talbott explores
why and what this means for the future of martial arts

The Kinesiology of Standard Side Kick Movements by Master Myung Chill Kim
This article is an excerpt from Kwang Moo Ryu

Tae Kwon Do DVD #1 Basic Movement.Little Dragons Magical Corner – Volunteering: The Act of Love by Linda Bustamante Padron
Ways to Help As a volunteer, one gives of their time and
efforts to engage in activities for a good cause.

Little Tigers Series – by Steve Doherty and Olivia Dybik
Little Tiger news for parents Life Principle #8 – Compassion

What are You Teaching the Kids? by Master James Nam
What we are teaching to the students and better yet, why are we teaching the way we teach?

Try to Be a Master, Not a Coach by Masoud Hayeri Khyavi
What it means to be a master

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