March 2019


COVER – Kwon’s Taekwondo: A Legacy of Three Generations
GM Young A. Kwon has dedicated his whole life to Tae Kwon Do, evolving the art to be integrated into the modern way of life.


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Han Don Cho and Dan Chuang – Does Tae Kwon Do Teach Tools for Career Success?
A number of collegiate Tae Kwon Do practitioners discuss TKD as a formative part of their collegiate experience and how it helped to shape their current early to mid-careers.

Ben Parks – Perserverance Works
Master Ben Parks teaches students to achieve success by combining hard work and a no-quit attitude.

Micheal Rowe-Hapkido in Corrections
Combat Hapkido provides the type of training that corrections officers can utilize in their regular practice of defensive skills.

David Stainko – Chi (Part 2)
Although called by different names, the concept of an inner energy has historically been a part of many cultures.

Paul Johnstone – Interview with Eddie Wazen: Street Edge Krav Maga International (China)
A combat military veteran, bodyguard and martial arts and defensive tactics instructor in Krav Maga discusses his experiences and the reality of violence in contemporary life.

Nick Sohm – Hard Drive
Keoni Koch incorporates elements of traditional styles and combat sports in his training and teaching.

Robert Cutrell – Training to the Beat of a Different Drum: Tae Kwon Do and Taiko in Germany
Master Robert Chwalek and wife Charlotte Carls utilize traditional Japanese Taiko drums to create balance
and harmony for themselves and others.

Julian Pollifrone – Defined by Determination, Not Disability: An Interview with Justin Rankin
Justin Rankin is a role model and inspiration for martial artists with adaptive needs.

Bruce Sylvia Jr. – The Journey of 3650 Days
The author has more than succeeded in his goal of inspiring people to train harder and be better.

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