Issue #216 – March 2017 (Digital & Print)


Cover- “White Belt to 9th Degree in One School”
In an historic test, nine students promote to ninth degree black belt in the same school they began as white belts over 40 years ago.

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Kathrin Sumpter- “Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima Eskrido Joint Locks, Part II”
The “block, catch-control,counter” technique is illustrated for the remaining six strikes.

Erica Linthorst “Next Hemisphere Over: the WTF World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships”
A member of Team USA evaluates the event and reflects on the value of competition.

Matteo Urella- “Look at how far you have come.”
Dr. AnnMaria De Mars A highly successful businesswoman and Judoka, discusses her philosophy of life.

Michael Mershad- “Forms of the Future? Hybrid Forms© are changing the game!”
Innovative Hybrid Forms are designed to develop better sparring, board-breaking, and self-defense skills.

David J. Moore- “Jino Kang: Making it Personal”
This accomplished martial artist writes, directs and stars in
action-packed films that focus on a person’s ability to change.

Brenda Sell – “Champion Strategies (Part Two)”
Sr. Grandmaster Sell shares champion strategies for forms and sparring competition.

Doug Cook- “The Bones of Tae Kwon Do”
Even as the innovations of sport Tae Kwon Do are introduced, certain fundamental skills, rituals and doctrines should remain.

Daniel Finley- “The Night that Changed My Life”
An automobile accident temporarily interrupts a young man’s martial arts dream.

Joel Kupfersmid- “I’ve Thrown My Attacker. Now What?”
The author explains several techniques to follow up a throw.

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