Issue #210 – March 2016 (Digital & Print)


COVER- “All in the ATA Family”
Starting with founder Eternal Grandmaster H.U. Lee, the American Taekwondo Association (ATA) has reached extraordinary success through the dedication of his family, together with his most senior students and
most trusted leaders.

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Alberto Borjas- “Chayon- Ryu: A Martial Arts System for the 21st Century

Kim Pyung-Soo’s martial art system is a traditional yet contemporary system that uses scientific knowledge of natural human body movement.

Mark Hawley- “Family Self-Defense School—The 100-Man Kumite”
An Arizona school utilitizes this very demanding event as a requirement for advancing to black belt.

Kayla Fisher- “Grandmaster Michael Couhie: 9th Dan, White Belt Always”
Trained by first-generation Korean masters and rising through the ranks in competition, Michael Couhie establishes a school in New Hampshire.

Vickie Hornback- “Mixing it up in the Dojang”
Conceived by two young black belts, a Black Belt Youth Group has been very successful.

Guy Larke- “Karate Cop Receives the Highest Honor Possible”
After a long career in martial arts and law enforecement, Jim Saffold is awarded a 10th dan.

Susan Whitfield- “Martial Arts for Young Children”
Blending martial arts curriculums and concepts with fun activities can transform young lives.

Matt Numrich- “The Seven Deadly Sins of Street Fighting and How YOU can avoid them!”
These “cardinal sins” are the problems people run into when training for real-life violent altercations.

Dom Franco- “Don Ferguson: Contributing to Others in Thailand”
A successful competitor and martial arts film star finds rewards in helping children from Bangkok’s dangerous slums.

Korea Tourism Organization- “Cherry Blossom Festival”
Jinhae Gunhangjae Festival cherry blossom festival

Porter Dodge- “Jim Arvanitis’ Formula for Devastating Strikes: Mechanics and Training for Combat Effciency”

Jim Arvanitis combines a thorough understanding of human kinetics with sound training methods for real-world effectiveness.

Brian Myers- “The Battle Against Bullying Requires Training: Choose your Weapons Wisely” (Third in a Series)
It important to select resources wisely in your effort to build stronger, safer schools.

Carl Van Roon- “Master Paul McPhail: Pioneer and Visionary”
 is New Zealand legend’s lifetime of dedication to martial arts instruction and his technical expertise have led him to develop an innovative coaching system.

Maurice Elmalem- “Martial Arts Kid Movie and Me”
This author’s involvement in producing the movie stems from his life experiences.

Nathan Chlumsky- “Keep Your Kicks Below The Belt”
High, flashy kicks may look good, but they are not as practical as low kicks.

Ian A. Cyrus- “The Foundation of Sin Moo Hapkido’s Basic Eight Skills” (Part One)
 e “Basic Eight” skills are the foundation of the entire Sin Moo Hapkido system.

Susan O’Connor-”Meditation for Martial Arts”
Visualization can be used to improve athletic performance in martial arts.

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