Issue #186 – March 2012 (Digital & Print)


Seven Times Down, Eight Times Up: Instructor Richard Moore
A former Naval rescue swimmer, Instructor Richard Moore has over 17 years
of experience in the martial arts, with training in TKD and a handful of other
disciplines. Since recovering from the devastating flood of his home and a severe
brain injury that inflicted serious neurological side effects, he has gone on to
compete as a chef on television’s Food Network, as well as becoming a published

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The Goodwill Tour 2011: New Jersey
Check out photos of the Goodwill Tour 2011 in New Jersey as the team travels to tourist sites and performs for American citizens.

Fit Nation ATA
Read about the newest mission of the ATA and their recently inaugurated leader,
Grandmaster In Ho Lee, to fight the nation’s obesity epidemic. Join the battle by
taking the President’s Challenge.

Spirit2Power: An International Documentary
International film maker Gulrukh Khan recently shot a documentary with over
20 masters on the spirit involved in martial arts. TKDT writer, Guy Edward
Larke, took a moment to discuss the upcoming film and inspiration behind it.

A Happy Champion
Meet 17-year-old Happy Joy Kierstead, undefeated champion in the USCKDA
point-sparring competition and model citizen for young TKD practitioners
around the world.

The Three Masters of the Soo Family
It’s a powerful and wonderful thing when families train together. It’s even more
so when three siblings train together throughout their lives and all achieve the
rank of master. Read about the Soo siblings and how martial arts have shaped
and changed their lives for the better.

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