Issue #242 July 2021 Digital Magazine

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6 Cover Taekwondo Moo Duk Kwan: “A Vision for the Future While Honoring the Past”
by Master Guy Edward Larke (Korean Translator: Gi Ryung Kwon-Larke) Moo Duk Kwan was founded in 1945, and is recognized as one of the five original martial arts schools which emerged in Korea, after the three and a half long decades of Japanese occupation. After the Korean War, the Moo Duk Kwan grew and flourished in those early the years, eventually becoming the largest of the Kwans.

18 President of the National Collegiate Taekwondo Association update

22 3rd Stage Cancer Survivor Hailey Addonizio earns First-Degree

28 Jang’s Taekwondo Centers – Passionate practice of traditional Taekwondo
34 One Step With Courage – From Taekwondo to Olympics and Hollywood – Dana Hee
38 Cold Weapon by Masoud Hayeri Khyavi
39 The Taekwondo School Comeback Strategies after
the Pandemic J.K. Lee’s Blackbelt Academy

26 Heart to Heart/ Letter to the Readers
16 The Way Word by Kathrin J. Sumpter
Burn Out and Martial Arts: How to recognize it, manage it and overcome it

2 World Royal Event
3 US Taekwondo Grandmasters Society – Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim donates $30,000
13 75th Anniversary Korea Taekwondo Moo Duk Kwan  October 1st and 2nd
24 Global Celebration – GTMA 9th Dan Promotion Test
41 Courage International Poomsae Tournament August 21st, 22nd – 2021

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