Issue #236 – July 2020 (Digital Download)


Cover:  MGM Lion Changik Choi, Dream Martial Arts Founder By: Black Belts Mr. Bryan Rossman, Mr. Garcia, and Mr. Dhin
His father persisted in him starting in a dojang at 5 years old and 2
years later earned his black belt. He participated in competitions starting
in elementary school and never stopped. After graduating from Yongin
University, he was competing in tournaments and exhibitions. Read on
for an overview of his life filled with accomplishments and struggles.

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Grandmaster Kim Soo: A living legend in today’s Martial Arts world.
Interview by: Sabom Alberto Borjas
After 60 years of teaching and following his dream, a new martial
art is created: Chayon Ryu (The Natural Way): A Life Style Martial
Art for modern day practitioners. Grandmaster Kim Soo, without
a doubt, is a living legend in the martial arts world today.

Two Belt Mentality By: Todd C. Jonas
Approaching situations with the Two Belt Mentality will give you
the proper mind-set to accomplish anything. It is a refreshing
perspective to take on life’s challenges, both in or outside the dojo.

Thank you Grand Master Jung, my DNA is out! by Mary Ferden
A thank you to Grand Master Jung. This is my story of
support, inclusion, confidence, passion and faith in my
journey up through my high school graduation.

Little Dragons Magical Corner: Power of the Mind By: Linda Bustamante Padron
Challenges can be some of the most difficult obstacles to subdue, but if we
have unity between the emotional and mental states, we will get through this
one day at a time. Read the Little Dragons Magical Corner to learn more.

HAN MU DO VS. the Coronovirus Pandemic By: David W. Higgs
Although the Coronovirus is a serious situation, it is a temporary
set-back and we must focus on our goals and strive for success.
It has been my pleasure to communicate with many Han Mu
Do instructors around the globe, through technology

Group Identity and Martial Arts By: Kathrin J Sumpter
Identity doesn’t dictate surviving an attack. My advice to martial artists
who cling to their identity is, “Know your worth as an individual,
instead of a group.” Competency supersedes identity every time.

My Taekwondo Story in Sweden By: GM Simon Tae-Hyung Lim
This is the author’s recollection of when Sweden was a new place
for him, filled with challenges and goal searching. Taekwondo
training gave me the greatest power of my life: to be happy
with yourself and be thankful for even the smallest things in
life, you can become the happiest person in the world.

Taekwon-Do Sport is Guidance of Human Life By: Gham Bahadur Thapa
The importance of Taekwondo as a sport is not just for self-defense; it is a
change for physical, mental, social, moral and spiritual education of human
beings. It can be a method for envisioning and living a peaceful life.

Battle Ax Part 2 by David Stainko

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