Issue #230 – July 2019 (Digital Download)


Cover Story-Iowa Farmers Kick It with TaeKwonDo
Six Masters of Jung’s TaeKwonDo share their journeys through the ranks of TaeKwonDo

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Joel Kupfersmid – Depth Versus Breadth: Part 2 (Guest Opinion)
Knowing how to counter attack with only the techniques likely to be successful is the most effcient use of one’s training time.

Scott Stuart DiSpirito – Homage to a Hero
The author recounts what Grandmaster Chun has taught him.

Samuel Kwok – Chi Sau, The Heart of Wing Chun
The author provides insight into Wing Chun and how Chi Sau is at the heart of it.

Shelly Gordon – Third Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do Becomes
First to Undergo Focal Therapy in the US for Prostate Cancer

Jeff Nelson took charge of his health and took advantage of an innovative medical procedure for prostate cancer.

Matt Numrich – Your Secret Self-Defense Sequence
Everyone should have their own sequence of defensive moves that they can unleash at a moment’s notice.

Josh Horne – Keep on Kicking, Everyone
Sifu Horne started his life in martial arts humbly and has made it his mission to give back.

Lisa Bustamante – The Artistry of Robert E. Henry
The author celebrates the many accomplishments of Robert Henry.

Masoud Khyavi – Invent the Technique, Take Advantage of It
We should invent techniques for ourselves that we can use at opportune moments

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