Issue #224 – July 2018 (Digital Download)


Grandmaster Karen A. Brown:
Breaking Boards and Barriers;  Overcoming many obstacles, Karen A. Brown has risen to the level of master, runs her own school, and continues to achieve her dreams




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Joel Kupfersmid- Pros and Cons of the Inside and Outside Positions
The inside and outside positions in self-defense have advantages and disadvantages.

Linda Bustamante-Bruce Lee: Enter the Fong Connection
Leo Fong has long captivated the martial arts community through his films, books, interviews, his art and exercise program, and his connection with Bruce Lee.

Brenda J. Sell- Foundations of Tae Kwon Do Excellence- Front Snap Kick
Many components must be perfected in order to obtain excellence with this basic kick.

Dom franco- Courtney Bell: Getting Her Life Back
After surgery for a devastating aneurysm, Courtney Bell finds relief in a demanding physical regimen.

Yujin Kang- My Life in Tae Kwon Do
The daughter of a famous instructor discusses her successes in education and competition.

Kathrin J. Sumpter- Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima Basic Concepts- Part Three
The author explains effective blocking; block catch-control, counter; observation, tactility; strikes and striking range.

Masoud hayeri Khyavi- First Straight Punch, Final Spin Kick
The author recounts an early competition in which he learned many invaluable lessons that inevitably influenced his life.

Master Doug Cook – Passing of a Legend: Grandmaster Richard Chun
Through teaching, writing books, coaching and innovating, GM Richard Chun profoundly
influenced the world of Tae Kwon Do.

John Jong Choi, Joon-Young Hong,Dr. Billy Turner- Tae Kwon Do Comes to the United States: Then and Now
The authors discuss the early days of TKD in the US.

Sally Swanson- It’s an Accessible Life: My journey to the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter games
The author discusses accessibility at the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games.

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