Issue #218 – July 2017 (Digital Download)


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Cover – Sr. Grandmaster Brenda Sell-The Legacy Continues … The U.S. Chung Do Kwan Association celebrates
its 50th anniversary and looks to the future.


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The Taekwondowon, the Holy Land of Tae Kwon Do
The Taekwondowon is the place for education, culture, and to experience that Tae Kwon Do practitioners around the world have dreamed of.

Joel Kupfersmid – “Circle Reversal” Throw:
A New Twist on Two Traditional throws. This modified version combines the circle throw (tome nage) with the corner reversal (sumi gaeshi).

Doug Cook – DeFining Traditional Tae Kwon Do
Traditional TKD, in contrast to its current sport embodiment, is a vast mosaic with many interconnecting elements.

Marcel Fabian – Kali Warriors in the Ninja Dojo!
Students of a Ninjutsu class are introduced to Pekiti Tirsia Kali, a combat and survival system.

Ron Shane – TaeKwonDo and Aging
As black belts advance in years, it is essential that they train in ways that optimize their body functioning.

Kathrin Sumpter – Cacoy Doce Pares Windowpane Disarms
Senior GM Anthony Kleeman has developed a disarm series that stems from the block executed in response to a backhand or forehand strike.

Ray DeVito-Physics of Tae Kwon Do
A knowledge of physics can help us understand the dynamics of our techniques and explain the resulting effect, making our techniques more effective.

Guy Larke-At Last! A Fun Way to Develop Your Inner Self!
Wu Wei is a fun and deceptively “deep” board game.

Masoud Hayeri Khyavi-Forms: The Spirit of Martial Arts
Forms are an essential but often neglected backbone of the martial arts.

David Stainko-Kiai: Exhale, The Strong Shout
THis highly important type of breathing can be trained and perfected.

Guy Larke-Malaysia’s Secret Weapon in the Olympics:
Introducing Grandmaster Eng-Sin Tan. Eng-Sin Tan is a unique and immensely influential figure in martial arts.

The Pursuit of Justice through the Martial Arts Interview, with Master Dean Siminoff

Online High School Student Represents the U.S. at Global Martial Arts Tournament
Enrolling in an online school allows a high school student to train for and compete in the Cheongju World Martial Arts Masterships.

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