Issue #212 – July 2016 (Digital & Print)


Cover – “GM Seong Ji: TKD is Education”
Grandmaster Seong Ji inspires people to develop their character and is a positive influence in his community.

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Sienna Lee- “A Reflection of My Tae Kwon Do Journey from the Perspective of a Brown Belt”
A dedicated student learns that Tae Kwon Do is an art and a way of life.

Guy Larke – “NAFMA National’s 10th Anniversary”
The North American Federation of Martial Arts has strived to provide an amazing martial arts experience for the whole family.

Edward Sell – “The Legacy Continues”
Breaking personal records, ethnic barriers, and “first” titles came naturally to Senior Grandmaster Edward B. Sell.

david j moore – “Cha Ki Do”
Cha ki Do is a synthesis of many arts and a forever evolving style of martial art.

Kathrin Sumpter – “A Legend in His Own Time”
Grandmaster Anthony Kleeman discusses the life of Supreme Grand Master Cacoy, founder of the Doce Pares system.

Dale Miller – “Choi Kwang Do: How to Master 80% of the Hand Techniques with Four Body Movements!
the elegant, simple and e ective Choi Kwang Do hand techniques are easy to learn and master.

Tae Kwon Do History
A letter about Gen. Choi’s after death wishes.

Greg Brundage – “2015 Silk Road Tae Kwon Do Quest (Part III-Tashkent, Uzbekistan)”
The author continues his Silk Road tour in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Fernan Vargas – “Way Of The Raven Blade Combatives: Guardian One”
The author presents the Frst of seven training sets from the Way of the Raven Combatives System

Marcel Fabian – “Discover Muay Thai”
Discover Muay Thai Club Malaysia is a special program that teaches Malaysian youths from underprivileged families to improve their lives via the study of martial art.

Sue O’Connor – “Yoga for Back Pain”
Yoga that requires balance in form and practice can provide relief and, more importantly, help prevent injury and future pain.

Ben Evans – “Special Needs Tae Kwon Do”
The author introduces Special Needs TaekwonDo and encourages others to get involved.

Guy Larke – “The Ambassador for Chinese Arts in the Korean Martial Arts World”
The author interviews Sifu Samuel Kwok, one of the foremost experts in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

“Dr. He-Young Kimm and the Regional Directors of the World Han Mu Do Association” Part 2
Grandmaster Dr. He-Young Kimm introduces the regional directors of the World Han Mu Do Association.

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