Issue #200 – July 2014 (Digital & Print)


Master James Theros, owner of Level 10 Martial Arts College, has worked his way up to become one of the most respected martial artists in the United States. His affiliation with various martial arts organizations has enhanced their profile by utilizing his knowledge, experience, and talent.

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Taekwondo for Everyone
Joan Cather supports special needs children by teaching them Tae Kwon Do

WARRIOR WISDOM: Warrior Intuition
The Invisible Art of Self-Defense. “Listening to your intuition and acting according to what it tells you, is not a natural thing for most people.”

Taking TKD to School
“I believe you cannot truly call yourself a Taekwondo Master if you are not willing to give back to your local community, and to the community at large…”

WOMAN OF TIMES: Calling on Elvis
“Elvis has left the building.” Elvis may have left, but he wasn’t done with Denver

“The real opponent we all must someday face in our martial arts training is ourselves.”

From My Heart
Born to a family that did not want her, Tae Yun Kim survived the Korean War because of the bravery and selflessness of American soldiers. Decades later she finally has a chance to honor the men that were willing to sacrifice everything for her protection.

Safety Built on Legacy
Sean and Denise Farrell are working to make men and women in New Mexico safer by teaching them the skills and techniques to prevent a sexual assault from happening. So far it has been a huge success.

Brains & Brawn
When it comes to college Tae Kwon Do programs in the United States, the Northeast might be the cream of the crop.

The Art of High Level Tae Kwon Do Training
Master Seth Wilson wants to make sure that all the athletes at Ko’s Black Belt Academy have a chance to compete at the highest levels of Tae Kwon Do. For one of his prized pupils the goal of competing at the Olympics is attainable with consistent effort and persistence over the next few years.

Taekwondo for Everyone
Joan Cather supports special needs children by teaching them Tae Kwon Do

Taking TKD to School
GM Jung Hoon Kim has made a difference by bringing Tae Kwon Do into public schools

Writing to Remember Korea’s Rich History
Luciano Iriarte’s passion for Korean history motivated him to write a book about the subject.

Ken MacKenzie on the “Essentials of Hapkido.”

Empowering Today’s Youth
Jennifer & John Salama have turned their passion for Tae Kwon Do into a program that helps young people in Atlanta.

ITALY: Passion for Excellence
Pietro Di Rauso’s instinctive desire to compete has led him to compete in Tae Kwon Do.

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