Issue #188 – July 2012 (Digital & Print)


Master Chip Townsend Breaking to Build a Brand: From Eye to We
Master Chip Townsend (6th Degree Black Belt) has honed his martial arts skills and philosophy in the School of Adversity. Read about how this decorated competitive breaker overcame obstacles that many
of us could never even imagine!

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A Tribute to S. Henry Cho
TaeKwonDo Times pays tribute to a true martial arts pioneer.

Hard Drive Mixed Martial Arts
Everything You Wanted to Know About MMA but Were Too Afraid to Ask. Keoni Koch, head coach of Hard Drive MMA Gym, shares training regimens, philosphy, and persepctives on MMA and traditional martial arts.

Korean Tul Tour Coverage
Australian Master Michael Muleta takes you along on a fascinating tour of Korea that incorporates history, culture, intense martial arts training, and just plain fun.
Olympic Fitness Interview
Learn the training and dietary secrets of Olympic hopefuls Diana Lopez, Paige McPherson, Terrance Jennings, and Steven Lopez as they prepare for Olympic competition.

Head Bangers: Fitness After Injury
Richard Moore gives an “up close and personal” account of his recovery from a serious head injury and shares some tips that he learned along the way.

Kimchi–The Quintessential Korean Health Food
The Korea Tourism Organization of New York tells you everything you need to know about this pungent staple of Korean cuisine

TKDT Product Reviews/ Tech Edition
26 KICKPICS Corner/ Photos by Stace Sanchez
28 Kickin’ It / Dynamic Stretches for Side Line Kicks
31 Essentials / Building Mental Endurance…
38 Raising Awareness / Door Challenge
46 Stretch Yourself / The Concept of Physical Fitness
67 East Meets West / Too Little, Too Much
72 Wisdom of the Masters / Thinking Healthy
75 MMA & You / Character Values in MMA
78 Traditions / The Fountain of Youth
80 The Knight’s Way / An Association for a Nobleman’s Art…
83 Woman of the Times / The Learning Curve
90 The Last Word / Ranks and Degrees

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