Issue #238 January 2021 Special Edition (Print & Digital Download)


COVER: The Life and Times of Grandmaster Jung
Grandmaster Woojin Jung’s historical accounts of
TaeKwonDo through his life for future generations.


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Letter of Recommendation from General Choi Hong Hee
A letter of recommendation for Grandmaster Woojin
Jung from General Choi Hong Hee.

TaeKwonDo Times Hall of Fame 2021
Grandmaster of the Year: Dr. He-Young Kimm
Taekwondo Time Historical Preservation: Master Brian Huff
Instructor of the Year: Master Hung Pham
Cover Page: Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim
Cover Page/ Advertising: Grandmaster Hee-il Cho
Biggest Black Belt Class: Grandmaster Bob Sledge
Director/Coordinator: Master Lonnie Matthews
World’s Biggest Dojang: Grandmaster Eung Gil Choi

Fear of Failure by Todd C. Jonas
Fear of Failure is a debilitating mind-set that can sabotage
the performance of a martial artist. Learn several methods
to avoid it so you don’t fall into this mental trap.

The 75th Virtual Celebration of Moo Duk Kwan
by Chief Master Guy Edward Larke
This unique event brought together practitioners from all three of
the distinct martial arts that share in the Moo Duk Kwan legacy

Final Quilt by Wendy Kuhse
Quilting and TKD have many similarities. This one presented to GM
Jung shows his legacy and symbolizes one day, one Korea, one TKD

My Journey by Lanny Kuhse
TKD paths have many turns. Follow my journey, from training
to having one of my students open his own school.

 TaeKwon-Do Became Korea’s Greatest Gift by George Vitale
How a small publication and 5 pioneers led to an international
magazine and the cooperation of the ITF and WTF

 Esposito Family
How Taekwondo united a family of five and paved the way
for opening the Southern Maine Taekwondo School

Gratitude to TaeKwonDo Times and Grand Master Jung
A series of letters from people around the world thanking GM
Jung and TaeKwonDo Times for everything they’ve done.

Interview of Roy Marsden – by Philip Hawkins in UK
Follow Roy’s TaeKwon-Do journey through UK history and his memories.

Little Dragon’s Corner / My Journey
The Way Word / My Experience with the TKD Times
Heart to Heart / A Letter to the Readers

Publisher’s Page
Thank you letter to Bill and Barb Satkamp
Thank you letters to the Editor and Graphic Designer
Thank you to Brian Huff for historical preservation efforts

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