Issue #233 – January 2020 (Digital Download)


Cover; Who is this “Living Cultural Treasure”?
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First and last interview with Mrs. Chun Hi Choi
She was interviewed by TaeKwonDo Times publisher Jung WooJin, with behind the scenes stories and history for the next generation.

Hall of Fame 2020
Annual Hall of Fame honoring Grand Master Wai Meng Leong, Grand Master Soo Kon Kim, Grand Master GK Lee, Grand Master Karen Brown and Kukkiwon President, Choi Young Ryul.

Interview with Master Dan Chuang
Current President of the National Collegiate Taekwondo Association, Director of the Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo Conference and Head Coach of the 2019 National MIT Sport Taekwondo Club. Master
Chuang shares his thoughts on coaching and the evolution of the sport.

Gichin Funakoshi, Okinawa grandfather to Korean Taekwondo by Jeremy Talbott
An Okinawa butter y apping its wings which caused a tornado in Korea and eventually overwhelmed the world.

An Ancient Art For A Modern Problem by Robert Zang
TaeKwon-Do for students with Dyslexia

Little Dragons Magical Corner
Linda Bustamante Padron and Martial Arts in the Magical World of Disney. e dreams that you wish will come true!

Interview with Master Chan Lee, President American Sabumnim Association (ASA)
Master Lee talks about past successes and the future of ASA

 What Happened to Our Grandparents Values? By Steve Doherty and Olivia Dybik
The Little Tiger Series is designed to help parents teach children the life principles that they need

A Journey with the Swedish National Team
A recount of one member’s journey with the Swedish National Taekwondo Team.

Chin Up by Todd C. Jonas
Are you fighting from the chin down or from the chin up?

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