Issue #227 – January 2019 (Digital & Print)


Cover-The Echoes of Martial Art’s Spirit Form the Last Frontier
Chief Master Yu of Alaska has made family the
core value of Champ Martial Arts.

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David Howell – Speed: It’s Much More Than Moving Fast
All you need for speed is knowledge and a little belief in yourself.

TaeKwonDo Time’s 2018 Hall of Fame

Robert Cutrell-Sensei Ken Swan’s Hyper Bully Defense Program
Sensei Ken Swan has made it his passion to combat the bullying epidemic with a special program in his dojo.

Fernan Vargas and James Loriega-Cane and Able Combatives: Four Strikes for your toolbox
There are several advantages to using a cane as a weapon.

Joel Kupfersmid-Escapes from the Rear Naked Choke
The author presents four escapes from the rear naked choke, a common attack in street fights.

Billy Warlock-Show vs Go
The familiar holds we see used in pro wrestling can be used
with great effectiveness in a self-defense situation.

David Stainko-Chi-Life or Inner Energy (Part One)
Although called by different names, the concept of an inner energy has historically been a part of many cultures.

Wrong Fu: An Interview with Jamie Clubb
Applying critical thinking to the study of martial arts highlights distortions in its study.

Masoud Khyavi-Analysis of a Knife Attack
The author analyzes a knife attack in terms of the personality
of the attacker and the form of the appropriate attack.

The Knight’s Way/ It’s That Time of Year

Woman of the Times/ Retail Reprimand

Mudo Knowledge/ Moral Behavior is Chosen

The Joy of Breaking/ Breaking into Dopamine

One Step at a Time/ Meditation

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