Issue #215 – January 2017 (Digital Download)


Cover – Choi Kwang Do at 30 Years
Choi Kwang Do, a modern martial art based on based on scientific principles, celebrates its 30th anniversary.



Doug Cook- The Poomsae They Are A-Changin’
Ten new competition forms continue Tae Kwon Do’s evolution.

Joel Kupfersmid- Versatility of the Major Outside Reap (MOR) in Self-Defense
This effective technique is easily learned by untrained students and can be can be used against a variety of attacks.

Jon Michael Davis- Body, Mind, Spirit
The three levels of a student’s training mirror aspects of the human experience.

Marcel Fabian-Prima Taekwondo Martial Arts Fitness Centre
The author visits one of the best martial arts academies in Malaysia, especially for children.

Kathrine Sumpter – Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima, Eskrido Joint Locks, (Part I of II)
The “block, catch-control, counter” technique is illustrated for the first six strikes.

Hall of Fame, Seven martial artists who have landed in this year’s Hall of Fame

Greg Brundage- Silk Road TKD Quest Part 5
The author continues his travels with stops in Turkmenistan and the city of Merv.

Ian Cyrus- Reinventing Hapkido
HapGi Bup is fundamental to manifesting Hapkido and taking it to the next level.

Steven Ronai- Martial Arts Spirit at the Olympics
Judo and Tae Kwon Do athletes displayed Olympic spirit in Rio.

Michael Rowe-Becoming a Black Belt Communicator (Part II)
Some basic truths underlie influence in communication

John Johnson-Right Practice
Right practice is “working toward a better you.”

Brian Sheridan- Raven A martial arts series with cult status from the early 90s has been released on DVD.

Brenda Sell- Champion Strategies (Part I)
Sr. Grandmaster Sell gives champion strategies for forms competition

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