Issue #209 – January 2016 (Digital Download)


Cover-Grandmaster Dr. Ibraham Ahmed
Grandmaster Ahmed has spent his life his improving people’s lives through the martial arts.


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Vittorio Bellini- “A Tribute to the American GIs”
A Belgian martial artist visits a World War II memorial.

Jon Michael Davis- “July 16, 2004 6:40pm”
The author discovers the healing benefits of meditation, diet and attitude.

Chris Marquez- “Applications of San-Jitsu Hornet Knife Techniques” (continued)
More applications of San-Jitsu’s Hornet Knife are illustrated.

Guy Larke- “Th e Lethal Dance of Michelle Manu!”
Michelle Manu discusses her training and career in the ancient Hawaiian art of Lua.

Steven Ronai- “International Adoption and Tae Kwon Do: Changing Children’s Lives”
Adopted children from Korea, China, and Vietnam learn martial arts and important life lessons at a special summer camp.

Fernan Vargas- “Pro-Systems Combatives”
Joseph Truncale talks about his life and the Pro-Systems Combatives System

Hall of Fame 2016
Recognition for Pioneer, Competitor, Instructor, Leader and Master of the Year

Greg Brundage- “Welcome to the Silk Road and A day with Vitalii Oleinichenko, President ITF Kyrgyzstan”
The author spends a day with the president of ITF Kyrgyzstan.

“Small Interviews with Future Black Belts”
Budding martial artists tell what Tae Kwon Do means to them

Lanny and Wendy Kuhse- “Quilt”
The authors tell the story behind the quilt celebrating Grandmaster Jung’s life and legacy.

The founder of Criptaedo discusses statistics on crimes against people with disabilities.

“Conversations with Master Dr. Ron Shane
on the Art and Practice of DO”
Dr. Shane discusses General Choi’s moral culture.

david j. moore- “Paul Mormando’s Double Fist”
A film that was 20 years in the making showcases
the skills of an experienced martial artist.

Sue O’Connor- “Yoga For Martial Artists:Warm-up”
Warming up correctly is important for martial artists.

Stacey Skoning- “Balance: Key to Training
for Martial Artists over 40”
Balance is the key to successful training and to a reduction in
the risk of injury, especially for the older martial artist.

Robert Cooley- “What is it to be Successful in Life,
Martial Arts? Is it the length of time?”
The author pays tribute to the life of this inspirational Australian athlete.

Chuck Vaughn- “Special Dragons”
A class for special needs students is a great success.

David No- “Has Tae Kwon Do Lost its ‘Way’?”
Recent departures from the original teachings and practices of TKD have
negatively impacted its efficacy as a martial art and tool for self-defense.

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