Issue #185 – January 2012 (Digital & Print)


Pioneering Spirit: Darius Ghaffari & Korean Martial Arts in Iran
Meet Master Darius Ghaffari, an Iranian martial artist with over 40 years
of training. Read about his struggles while pioneering TKD in his home-
land and the amazing people he met along the way.

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The Goodwill Tour 2011: New York City
Get a first-hand glimpse into the New York City leg of the 2011 Goodwill
Tour. Follow team members as they meet and interact with Americans,
perform an amazing demonstration and dine at a local pizzeria in the Big

The ITF Championships
Take a look at some great photos from the latest ITF Championships held
September 2011 in Pyongyang, North Korea.

The 2011 Super Summer International Korean Martial Arts Seminar
Check out who attended Chief Master Robert Ott’s renowned seminar this
year and get exclusive photos of masters and grandmasters in action.

TKDT 2011 Hall of Fame
Learn about the 2011 inductees of the prestigious TaeKwonDo Times Hall of Fame.

Elucidating the Do: Advanced Training Strategies
Dr. Ron Shane expands on General Choi’s theory of mental training and
shows specific ways that practitioners can maximize the “Do” of Tae Kwon
Do as they perform their patterns.

First break Their Balance
An often overlooked self-defense technique is explored in this article, which dem-
onstrates several ways to take your attacker off his feet and break his balance.

Mind, Body and Survival
Self-defense is more than just knowing some basic techniques, it’s also having the
right frame of mind. Train to survive with expert Rick Morris and the team at
Mind, Body and Survival.

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