Issue #155 – January 2007 (Digital & Print)


Choi Kwang Do’s
Kwang Jo Choi
An incredible force of nature.

Meet amazing man behind Choi Kwang Do! Understand the science behind the art;  Discover Grandmaster Choi and the beginning of CKD.  Learn how CKD can help anyone achieve robust health and incredible flexibility while learning a powerful self defense art.

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20 2006 Hall of Fame

Meet TKD 2006 Martial Artist Hall of fame inductees.  Read about these extraordinary men- and their astounding achievements – Who have dedicated their lives to martial arts

26 ATA Landmark in Little Rock 

The ATA’s founder is honored with a memorial being constructed in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. Read about the hopes New H.U. Lee International Gate and Garden

38 Good morning Afghanistan

A Grandmaster’s top secret mission revealed.  Discover his trip to war- torn Afghanistan and his amazing assignment with the U.S. Army.

42 Zoor Khane Ancient Martial Art of Iran

Discover the history, traditions and training of one of the oldest and most mysterious Middle Eastern martial arts.

50 Seol-Nal; The Korean New Year Celebration

Find out about Korean Traditional foods, and festivities that take place to celebrate the Korean Lunar New Year. Prepare your own ddeok-guk dish and invite your friends over!

56 An Attacker, a Bystander and Han Mu Do

A real life account detailing one man’s use of his martial arts training stop a street assault.

62 2006 Master Symposium

And inside look at the recent Tae kwon do Times seminar includes photos and bios of your favorite Grandmasters and leading authorities in the martial arts world.

66 Aaron Banks; the Greatest Promoter of All

A man, a dream,  and a fight became the ingredients to Aaron Bank’s success.  Learn about how he came to be one of the biggest promoters for martial arts in the world.

72 Ultimate Flexibility; Stretching Demystified

Get tips for high kicks and stretching from renowned martial artist and author Sang H Kim as he reveals how to increase total flexibility.

92 The Eagle & The Tiger

Unlock the secret animal methods behind the Korean martial art of Kuk Sool Won.

98 Injury Prevention in the Teaching of Martial Arts

Receive practical methods and techniques to prevent injury while training from the experts.





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