Welcome to our latest issue, where we celebrate the rich tapestry of Korean culture and the dynamic world of Taekwondo.
This edition is packed with inspiring stories and profound insights, including: A Word from Our Publisher (p. 4): An inspiring message to set the tone for this remarkable issue.
Moon Dai-won: The Father of Mexican Taekwondo (p. 6): Dive into the extraordinary journey of Moon Dai-won, the visionary who brought Taekwondo to Mexico, establishing a lasting legacy.
Clothes Make the Man… And the Woman (p. 28): Sr Master Guy Edward Larke explores the significance of traditional Korean attire, highlighting its importance in cultural ceremonies and traditional marriage rituals.
Indomitable Spirit (p. 36): Trever Smith shares the poignant and inspiring journey of his son, illustrating resilience and the true essence of Taekwondo.
The Never-Ending Quest for Knowledge and Improvement (p. 38): Master Dawn Martin reflects on her lifelong journey of continuous learning and self-improvement, embodying the core philosophy of Taekwondo.
Join us in this captivating issue as we honor the enduring spirit, rich traditions, and inspiring journeys within Korean culture and the Taekwondo community.