Issue # 253 – September 2023 (Digital)

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3 Word from Publisher – Woojin Jung.
4 Be Yeast, My Friend
Dr. John L. Terry, III – The Black Belt Leader
Who doesn’t love homemade bread?
8 President Richard Yoon – Underwood University – Vision for Taekwondo/Korean Culture Bachelor program. Starting a Taekwondo college can be a rewarding endeavor for various reasons.
13 Three year old who competed and won a gold medal in the recent AAU
National Taekwondo Championship
17 A Few Notes on Self-Defense
By: Masoud Hayeri Khyavi
18 2023 IMAC United States Hall of Fame and Training Camp
By ChunJiDo Grandmaster Robert Cutrell
22 It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of our Instructor, Teacher, Father and Friend, Grandmaster Doyle T. Stoner
24 The Rare Thai WeaponArt of Krabi-Krabong
Sifu Damon EvansOwner/Head Instructor
16 Littttle Dragons Magical Corner
Power Within By: Linda Bustamante Padron
21 ITF Taekwon-Do World Championship 2023 ASTANA
29 GTMA Global Celebration Wrap Up
33 CEP/Publisher Woojin Jung 50 Years TKD same loaction 1973-

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