Issue # 248 – September 2022 (Digital)

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3 Word from Publisher – Woojin Jung.
4 Finally, After 37 years (and a Traumatic Brain Injury) a Black Belt
By Tobias Winright, PHD My skull was fractured from the left side, above the ear, to the right side, above that ear. I had a subarachnoid hematoma in the sagittal suture, and a subdural hemorrhage on the frontal lobe.
6 Koshiro and the Art of Fighting against Zombies!
By Masoud Hayeri Khyavi
Koshiro was having nightmares again in a dream that was like a horror and adventure film. After a long escape, he was stuck between a group of zom-bies and a deep canyon.
8 Cover Page About Sr. Grand Master, Dong K. Shin
Shin Dong Ki was born in Incheon, South Korea, after the liberation of Korea after World War II.
18 Taekwondo Times September 1984 – Go back in time. Tae Kwon Do’s WEAPONLESS Weapons
Since 1980 – 2021 238 Print Issues Now Digital 160 Countries
23 To World Intangible Cultural Heritage Registration Committee:
TaeKwonDo was made by a Korean man General Hong Hee.Choi on April 11th, 1955.
24 Five ways hypnosis canbe used to help you achieve your goals as a martial artist. By Belida Han Uckun Before seeking out a qualified professional
it’s good to know that hypnosis is not a magic
bullet guaranteeing instant results to everyone who
uses it (though many get dramatic results from
their first treatment).
29 Donald Kimm, Jong ChulNovember 15, 1965 – August 1, 2022
“We will always Remember You!”
30 Heart to Heart – DETECT & PROTECT – Dr. Tae Yun Kim is a Great Grandmaster. A Pioneer. The first and highest-ranked Korean female martial artist in the world.
36 “Dentist by Destiny, TAEKWONDO Master by Choice” By Dr.PINAKI NARAYAN MOITRA(BDS) Today my dream is to train kids who will win
Olympic medal for India someday.I too wish to win the World Hanmadang someday. I wish to be a good coach and a referee for my country and work for the grass root development.

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