Issue # 249 – November 2022 (Digital)

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3 Word from Publisher – Woojin Jung.
4 Cover Page – Taekwondo Times 10th Anniversary Article –
Street Taekwondo and its applications. Master Grant Smith
12 A Korean Adventure By Kristie Austin. On October 7, 2022, I embarked
on my adventure to visit South Korea.
Korea has traditionally been referred to as the “Land of Morning Calm”.
I certainly felt the essence of the Land of Morning Calm when I landed at
Incheon airport.
19 The Exotic Tools of Teuk Gong Moo Sool By Master Guy E. Larke
“Embrace everything you know and create something new…” – Grandmaster
No-Won Park, Founder and president of the International Teuk Gong Moo
Sool Federation
33 Taekwondo at the United Nations Teaching Self-Defense in the Hallowed
Halls of Reconciliation By Grandmaster Doug Cook. Teaching self-defense
incurs great responsibility. Students – even though, they are ultimately being
exposed to skills of enablement, consciously refusing to become innocent

victims – must be reminded never to develop a ‘false sense of security’. Tech-
niques need to be practiced slowly and deliberately over time so as to become

second nature.
41 The 1st Cynthia Rothrock Premier Hall of Honors By Sr. Master Guy
Edward Larke. The 1st event was held at the Cherry Hill Holiday Inn in New
Jersey. It ran October 7th to 9th and was a phenomenal success!
There was a FrightDay Night Halloween Party on Friday night from 7:00 –
9:00pm. Everyone jumped in on the craziness, as is evident in the photos.
With all the chaos going on in the outside world, the hosts figured the guests
needed to blow off some steam! As is evident, GM Rothrock loves dressing up
as well.

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