Issue # 246 – March 2022 (Digital)

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3 Word from Publisher – Woojin Jung.
4 Choose Your Right Environment – Tae Yun Kim.
8 The Positive Psychology of Taekwondo-By Steve Doherty.
9 Cover page Better then Bruce Lee Vietnam Marine – Tai Le was born and raised in a small town close to Saigon.
17 Rest in Peace to US TaeKwonDo Pioneer Hero GM
Charles Sereff 1933 – 2022 of Denver Colorado..
21 Meditation in Taekwondo
ByGrandmaster Doug Cook
Meditation serves a wide range of purposes.
25 Don’t Quit
By: Master Todd C. Jonas
“Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul.”
Douglas MacArthur.
28 Ralph Krause– A Legendary Man 1936 – 2008.
31 I would like to be like Bruce Lee! By: Masoud Hayeri Khyavi
The television is on and the family, especially the children, are watching it with great enthusiasm.
25 IN LOVING MEMORY OF LEO FONG By: Linda Bustamante Padron -Leo Fong, a martial arts pioneer, film star, and author, entered the Lord’s heavenly kingdom at age ninety-three on February 18, 2022.
37 History General Choi Hong Hi and Un Yong Kim.

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